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The forgotten valley

June 9th, 2014. Valley of Rasal, Aragon, Spain. The road is narrow but in a good shape, and joins the dam of Arguis to the dam of Santa Maria and Carcavilla. The village of Rasal is special with its mansions and massive Pyrenean chimneys. In … Continue reading

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Estany Roi II

June 19th, 2014, Vall de Boi, Catalunya, Spain. Viewed from the watery edges of Estany Roi at about 2300 m altitude, this mountain (Pic de Ferro) located very near the Aigüestortes national park, Spanish Pyrenees, has the looks of a children’s fantasy mountain…This colourful display is due … Continue reading

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The Bejenado volcano

Jan, 1st, El Bejenado, La Palma. Impressive views of the island can be observed while climbing to the top of this volcanic cone (1854 m). On transparent days, the neighbouring islands of Tenerife and La Gomera are clearly visible to … Continue reading

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Rupes recta

Jan, 6th, Cubo de La Galga, La Palma. ‘Rupes recta’ in a small canyon of La Palma, a rain collecting natural reservoir. Tones of green abound in an overwhelming scenery of roots, moss, ferns and trees which carry the signature of … Continue reading

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Burnt mountain

Jan, 4th, Llano del Jable, La Palma. The scene is set by this lava field near Montaña Quemada  (i.e. the “burnt” mountain), one of our favourite spots on the island!

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Season’s greetings

Dec, 25th. Another year passed. Many exciting, enjoyable moments stay fresh in our mind as if it were only a few weeks ago. Photography helps in keeping their memory vivid through browsing, processing, evaluating and commenting, if not for others, at least for ourselves. We wish … Continue reading

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Autumn progression

Nov, 24th, Fonds de Lustin. A steep hillside across the valley of the river Meuse is dressing up in the newest shades of autumn.

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Warm colours

Nov 11th, Bois de Havré. Having fun with little things amidst a flamboyant layer of autumn leaves…

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