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Waterpool II (in colour)

July 19th, Kortrijk. Lazy afternoon at the pool of my parents’ house.

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Estanys de Aigues Tortes

June-July, 2015. Val de Boi, Aigues Tortes. The mountain lakes are the perfect spot for escaping the heat wave… Below you find a) the view above the “Embalse de Cavallers” and b) the Estany Dellui.

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Val D’Aran, the forgotten valley

June, 27th, Bossòst, Spain. In Val d’Aran, the language is the Aranees. Though part of Spain, it lies on the Northern flank of the Pyrenees. In a glimpse, you are on the sunny side taking the tunnel, but strolling a bit in Val d’Aran reveals some wonderful spots, … Continue reading

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The first evidence for prehistoric man

June, 27th, Aurignac. The 17 skeletons have disappeared, but it was the first time that an archeologist found evidence for the simultaneity between ancient human bones and disappeared prehistoric animals. His name? Edouard Lartet. The place? The prehistoric cave of Aurignac.

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June, 21st, Kortrijk, at my parent’s house. Watching animal life at the waterpool… 

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Preserved sites

December, 31st, the Vézère, Dordogne. The last day of the year is spent in a well-preserved site of the ‘Vallée de l’Homme’. The site is a 60-m high cliff named the Grand-Roc just outside Les-Eyzies-de-Tayac. It contains a richly decorated cave with a lot of “excentrics” as well … Continue reading

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Best Wishes!

December, 29th. It is cold in the “Vallée de la Vézère”, where clouds and mist regularly occur in wintertime. Today, with the sun shining, we will take our chance and visit the visitor centre of “Le Thot” where ancient animal … Continue reading

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The forgotten valley

June 9th, 2014. Valley of Rasal, Aragon, Spain. The road is narrow but in a good shape, and joins the dam of Arguis to the dam of Santa Maria and Carcavilla. The village of Rasal is special with its mansions and massive Pyrenean chimneys. In … Continue reading

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