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Feb. 04, 2017, Vilvoorde. The new Photo-N exhibition at the library of the city of Vilvoorde features as many as fourteen of our best photographs over the last 2 years.

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Top of Belgium

September, 12-14, Hoge Venen. At the highest point of Belgium, the landscape breathes serenity and purity while a slight breeze takes away the heat of the late summer. Just below this plateau, “La Hogne” carries away the acid peat waters.

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Best Wishes, 2016!

New year =  a reset or fresh start?

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In the marsh II

July, 5th, Barruera, Vall de Boí. That day we started early in order to explore the small world hiding in the marshland of the “Salencar”.

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Waterpool II

July 19th, Kortrijk. Lazy afternoon at the pool of my parents’ house.

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The forgotten valley

June 9th, 2014. Valley of Rasal, Aragon, Spain. The road is narrow but in a good shape, and joins the dam of Arguis to the dam of Santa Maria and Carcavilla. The village of Rasal is special with its mansions and massive Pyrenean chimneys. In … Continue reading

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Natural design

June, 2012 – 2013, Aragon, Spain. What is the difference between these two insects? Both belong to the family of the Sphyngidae. The first one is named Macroglossum stellatarum, a moth most active during daytime (also known as the Hummingbird-Hawk moth), while the other is a large moth … Continue reading

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Life in the marsh…

June, 23rd. Barruera (Salencar), Cataluña. The river is wild, the path along the river is muddy, part of the wooden bridge lies stranded on the small beach, heaps of stray wood cover the riverbanks. All this is due to the heavy thundershowers of a few days ago. At … Continue reading

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