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Black&white, always right

Jan. 16th, 2018. Turning to black and white reveals new sensations, even with the same material!

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Specialists of survival

Vosges, France, Sep. 2017. Plants of these acid swamps developed special tricks in order to survive in a wet and poor environment. Symbiosis and flexibility are the tools they employed.

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The shades of green

Sep. 23-26, Vosges, France. At least twenty shades of green are found on the rocks, lakes and trees of these autumnal wooded landscapes…

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Vosges photography II

Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle, Sept. 22-26, 2017. Another series taken during the photographic workshop in the Southern Vosges, France. With (surprisingly) close encounters…

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Vogezen fotografie

Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle, Sept. 22-26, 2017.  A week-end in the green environment of the Vosges… Dedicated to nature photography under the guidance of Steven T. and his motivated team, a nice experience!  

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The movie “Gondwana”

August 31st, 2017, Halle. The movie was selected by the Jury: between dark & light, water & air, earth & sky. Anxiously awaiting the verdict… at the International Film Festival Nature Namur in October!

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Wild flowers (III)

June 25th, 2017. Pont de Suert, Catalunya. Highly perched on its rock in the sierra, the little village of Adons is a place full of emotion and awesome landscape. The perfect spot to start the excursion and look for the presence … Continue reading

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Feb. 04, 2017, Vilvoorde. The new Photo-N exhibition at the library of the city of Vilvoorde features as many as fourteen of our best photographs over the last 2 years.

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