Powerful vs powerless claws

Province of Huesca, June 14th, Aragón, Spain. Another stay in one of the best sites for viewing preybirds in the region. Surprisingly, the claws of the griffon vulture look powerful but they are not… The smaller kites and other preybirds grasp larger preys with their claws.


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Salt in the mountain

Foz de Salinas, June 2018. The church tower is the best evidence of the abandoned Salinas Viejas, which used to be a salt mining village. Foz de Salinas is the name of the passage through the abrupt standing walls of the site carved by the water. The view above this valley is spectacular, almost a mini-Bryce canyon.


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Sally lightfoot crab

July 14th, La Palma, Canary islands. These swift red rock crabs are found on the black lavarocks just above the seaspray. They are very quick to hide and disappear in the small crevices at the first movement detected, thus they pertain to the ‘lightfoot’ type. This species (grapsus adscencionis) is typical of the Canary islands, though it is a very close cousin of the Sally lightfoot crab (grapsus grapsus) from the Galapagos.   


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Grotte d’Eprave

May, 21st, Rochefort, Belgium. Welcome to this geological surprise: the resurgence of the river “Lomme” in the neighbourhood of Rochefort, a touristic centre of the Ardennes. A few  people know that a path leading to the cave of Eprave also discloses the resurgence of the subterranean river which travelled for several kilometers under the hills of the Famenne.

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Black&white, always right

Jan. 16th, 2018. Turning to black and white reveals new sensations, even with the same material!

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Specialists of survival

Vosges, France, Sep. 2017. Plants of these acid swamps developed special tricks in order to survive in a wet and poor environment. Symbiosis and flexibility are the tools they employed.

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Something old, something new

Halle, December, 21st. A crowd of seagulls gathered close to each other during the snowstorm. Observing them was something new… Our best wishes to everyone who likes to read our blog, and to our friends and our family relatives. Hopeful wishes for good health, good friendship, and good feelings in 2018!

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The shades of green

Sep. 23-26, Vosges, France. At least twenty shades of green are found on the rocks, lakes and trees of these autumnal wooded landscapes…

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