The Fox

June 8th, Vall de Boi.  We were walking in the ‘Parc Nacional d’ Aiguestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici’, at the far end of the valley in a beautiful spot called “Pletiu de Riumalo” (in Catalan language) when Patricia suddenly spotted an awesome fox. The fox was too far away to obtain a good, clear picture with the only telelens we were carrying that day: a 200mm. But I vaguely remembered some army-techniques they had tried to explain to me some thirty years ago, and with Patricia’s directions in her version of the sign language of the deaf, I managed to sneak a little bit closer. I succeeded in taking two pictures before the fox spotted me and made a run for it. So far for the army techniques …..

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3 Responses to The Fox

  1. Anouk says:

    Very good pic !

  2. yves says:

    Very nice pictures. I like very much the Eurasian coot series.
    Did you already tried to shoot the 2 foxes we have around the observatory ?

  3. Patricia says:

    No, Yves, since they are not living in a natural environment, and are city foxes… Alse, I only saw them at twilight time or at night… Did you spot them during the day?

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