Uelhs deth Joeu

May, 31st. Vall d’Aran, Cataluña, Spanish Pyrenees. Coming smoothly out under roots of trees and rocks, but quickly growing into a huge, roaring waterfall, the place known as “Uelhs deth Joeu” was proven to be one of the many sources of the Garonne, one of France’s majestic rivers. This spring is a resurgence of a small river which travelled 4 km beneath the mountains starting from the southern side of the Pyrenees, in Valle de Benasque.

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3 Responses to Uelhs deth Joeu

  1. michel says:

    Superfoto! Perfecte sluitertijd en belichting. Had ik graag zelf genomen 🙂

  2. Tonny Vanmunster says:

    Wat een knappe foto, Paul (of Patricia, weet niet zeker wie ‘m geschoten heeft). Past perfect in jullie schitterende website !

  3. Susan Oling says:

    Wow Love your waterfall shot!!!!! magnificant!!!!!!I will enjoy exploring your blog more!!!!!

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