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Sprinter’s burst

Nov, 16th (and May, 5th), South of Brussels. A new project arose while walking along the old banks of this formerly navigable river hosting a small and pretty natural world….

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National wildlife reserve Romelaere, last year’s visit

This French wildlife reserve is indeed a wonderful place to observe and photograph birds. I found some pictures I’ve shot on may 1st, 2011 I would like to share  ….

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Season’s greetings

To all our readers: A stay of several weeks on the Canary island of La Palma for some great landscape photography did not make us forget the most memorable event of the year: the encounters we had with the vultures of the Sierra de Guara in … Continue reading

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Food at last!

June 18th, in the province of Huesca. Our second experience with the vultures being fed. Skies are extremely clear. However a black cloud arrives from the North: there they are! Descending, landing, walking, stumbling, the griffon vultures gather around and wait patiently … Continue reading

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Vultures having dinner

June 2011, at a “muladar” in the province of Huesca. At the right place and moment, in less than 10 minutes of time, some 200-250 vultures are circling right over our heads. The birds drop down in a turmoil of … Continue reading

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Eurasian Coot

Mid- may, 2011. A day of walking led us over the bridge at Arquennes. We noticed a family of Eurasian coot with two chicks, nesting on what is a leftover of the old bridge (and the one that’s in use now is … Continue reading

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El alimoche pasa…

(Flight of the alimoche) June, 11th. Sierra de Guara, Huesca. Early morning, we checked a few rock cavities white-painted with excrements indicating the possible presence of preybirds. Indeed, using our binoculars, we spotted an Egyptian vulture (alimoche) inside one of them. Late … Continue reading

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Land of rivers (2)

More images taken in the Land of Rivers, end of march 2011, at sunrise.

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