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National wildlife reserve Romelaere, last year’s visit

This French wildlife reserve is indeed a wonderful place to observe and photograph birds. I found some pictures I’ve shot on may 1st, 2011 I would like to share  ….

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Season’s greetings

To all our readers: A stay of several weeks on the Canary island of La Palma for some great landscape photography did not make us forget the most memorable event of the year: the encounters we had with the vultures of the Sierra de Guara in … Continue reading

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Food at last!

June 18th, in the province of Huesca. Our second experience with the vultures being fed. Skies are extremely clear. However a black cloud arrives from the North: there they are! Descending, landing, walking, stumbling, the griffon vultures gather around and wait patiently … Continue reading

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Vultures having dinner

June 2011, at a “muladar” in the province of Huesca. At the right place and moment, in less than 10 minutes of time, some 200-250 vultures are circling right over our heads. The birds drop down in a turmoil of … Continue reading

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Eurasian Coot

Mid- may, 2011. A day of walking led us over the bridge at Arquennes. We noticed a family of Eurasian coot with two chicks, nesting on what is a leftover of the old bridge (and the one that’s in use now is … Continue reading

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El alimoche pasa…

(Flight of the alimoche) June, 11th. Sierra de Guara, Huesca. Early morning, we checked a few rock cavities white-painted with excrements indicating the possible presence of preybirds. Indeed, using our binoculars, we spotted an Egyptian vulture (alimoche) inside one of them. Late … Continue reading

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Land of rivers (2)

More images taken in the Land of Rivers, end of march 2011, at sunrise.

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Land of rivers

March 2011. A region at the confluence of three rivers situated between Antwerp and Brussels and named “Land of Rivers”  (Rivierenland). The area contains various natural reserves and many lakes with bird colonies. The sun is rising, the light is pure magic … Continue reading

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