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Season’s greetings

Dec, 25th. Another year passed. Many exciting, enjoyable moments stay fresh in our mind as if it were only a few weeks ago. Photography helps in keeping their memory vivid through browsing, processing, evaluating and commenting, if not for others, at least for ourselves. We wish … Continue reading

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Basking lizards

April, 10th, La Palma. As soon as the sun ‘s warmth is back, these small cold-blooded creatures can be spotted anywhere taking as much sun as they can from their sheltered, private balconies…

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The history of human race

Vallée de la Vézère, Dordogne, France, Dec 28-30th. The history of the human race depicted in one picturesque valley in the Périgord region: we present to you the amazing “vallée de la Vézère”!

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Forest fire, La Palma.

La Palma, august 21st. When we arrived at La Palma, two weeks ago, there was a forest fire in the southern part of the island. We have watched fire-fighting helicopters and aircraft flying on and off for more than a … Continue reading

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French wildlife reserve “Romelaëre”

Clairmarais, March 18th. Behind the vegetable growing suburbs of Saint-Omer ly the wetlands of Clairmarais. The gradual reclaiming of this vast marsh began in the early Middle Ages. For many centuries, the wetlands have fed and heated the “Audomarois” people. The Romelaëre reserve is a natural sanctuary for … Continue reading

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Vultures …

June 13th, at a “muladar” near Huesca. To watch feed 200-250 vultures is an awesome spectacle! We were lucky to experience this in a tiny village of the Spanish pre-Pyrenees. Our guide was most experienced. You are invited to visit … Continue reading

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